Our mission is to create innovative product solutions that clean, protect, and prolong the life of your products.

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BuzzCo, LLC is an innovative product design company with an approach to design environmentally friendly products that offer cleanliness, flexibility, and performance while also providing a stylish product.  BuzzCo, LLC was established in 2010.  The company began with the introduction of the BuzzBrush® and has since introduced the BuzzWrite™, BuzzDrive™, BuzzSpray™, and BuzzCloth™. Our plans are to design up to twenty SKUs by the end of 2013.

BuzzCo, LLC products are available at retail and in the promotional products industry. The products can be decorated using pad printing or full four-color process labels. In addition, some of our products are customizable, which can be great for corporate tradeshows, employee events, or as an on-pack for advertising purposes.

Contact us at 1.773.290.1797. or info@buzzbrush.com for more information.



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